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Jobs Update!

IrishRaven posted Mar 15, 15  -  JobsMoneyPluginUpdate

So finally we got the jobs plugin updated!


New Jobs:

Chef: Earns money for cooking delicious foods.

Mercenary: Earns money for assassinating players.


- Woodcutter, you now get paid for all log types and for replanting. 

- Farmer, you now get paid for all crops and killing livestock.

- Hunter, the types of mobs that you get paid for has been incresed.

- Fisherman, you now get paid for all fish.

- Blacksmith, tools now earn you money for crafting and repairing.

- Brewer, more way to gain money through crafting and potion making.

- Enchanter, enchanting books can now make you a small profit.

For more info on each job do /jobs info [job]
e.g. /jobs info fisherman

Thank you all again for server support!
Have a wonderful day and take care!

-Much love from your Official Mo'Creatures Server Staff Team

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So the votes rolled in!
Thank you to everyone who Voted!

We have got the go ahead for a !!Nether Reset!! 
It will happen on the 1st of February!

Please make sure to remove all pets and items from the nether 
that you wish to keep as any left behind will be 

>>If you need help please let a server staff member know<<

Thank you once again guys!

- Official Staff Team
To all our Players and Mod supporters, we wish you all a
Merry Christmas 
and a Happy New Year!

Thank you for all your cooperation and support over the year, it's greatly appreciated!

-Official MoC Staff Team
In order to connect, you will need the 1.7.10 version of MoCreatures and CustomSpawner. You will also need Forge build 1236 which is also located under Downloads.
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