Server news

Server is now using 1.12.2

japtic a posted Sep 22, 17

Server has been updated to minecraft 1.12.2

Please update your mods to join the server.

what's new

  • Update all recipes to new json system.
  • Add eggs and kitty beds to creative tab.
  • Remove wyvern staff portal if mending or unbreaking enchantment is detected.
  • Prevent all enchantments on wyvern staff portal.

Moc 12.0.1 update

japtic a posted Sep 19, 17

Moc 12.0.1 has been updated today.
you need to download new 12.0.1 and CMS to join the server
Download Here

PS. Admins are working on new server (mod pack server) with +50 mods so if you need staff please contact them on our discord Thanks (you can find it on the left side of the screen, under sub menu.

New Economy and more

japtic a posted Aug 13, 17

Some late server updates.

1. New economy was introduced to the server! please check out our shops

2. New Warps: Sell, Buy, Potion and Spawn

3. Warp new and all the warps for Haven has been removed.

4. Haven has been removed.

5. Our spawn has new shops and Zoo

6. GP's new town claims and UI's
    - hold goldenshovel and do /townclaims to make your town claims!
    - you get more town claims as you get more people in your town. to get more people you need more player's basic claims inside.

7. Not Requirement but for easy way to see your claims download liteloader
and this mod

this will help you see your claims' boarders.  This is very useful tool.

simply drop the mods in the mods folder.

GriefPrevention update

japtic a posted Jul 30, 17

Server had massive GP update.

Please check all your claims are fine.

there are tons of more features on this GP update

One of them is Town claims!

New World!

japtic a posted Jun 23, 17

Haven is being removed. Players have few weeks to find new spot at /warp new to find new home and ask admins to move their homes in Haven to Valhalla. Find new spot first before contacting staff