Hey guys, so I don't really count Minecraft in my title since it's different from a traditional video game, especially on console.

I was never allowed to play video games growing up, largely because my parents didn't want to spend the money on games and consoles.

So my boyfriend's family is the opposite and he and his siblings grew up with gaming and are really good at it. His younger brother has personally decided to be my gaming guide.

So far, I've played through Halo and the Original Mass Effect Trilogy completely. I've dabbled in Fallout and like 10 minutes of Skyrim but I'm currently working on Mass Effect Andromeda.

I want suggestions of games with an awesome story line since that seems to be what I'm drawn to. I like aesthetics and they can sway things but I find that my gaming experience isn't heavily impacted by them if the story and gameplay are solid. The Original Mass Effect Games were an obsession of mine for 2 months last fall and I'm still hung up over them. I'm probs gonna be a life long fan. I'm kind of obsessed with them.

Disclaimer, I'm not, by any means a good gamer. I'm down right horrible. I'm significantly better than I was but I still come in last at Mario Kart every single time.
The first game with a controller I really sat down and played was the first Halo with my bf's little brother. He was the only person patient enough to wait for me to figure out walking and stairs for 2 hours in the first hallway of the game. You know the bit where you jump over the pipe and climb up the stairs to the bridge. Lol, that was a joke my first try. Two hours is completely accurate btw, I'm actually not exaggerating.

So great game suggestions please!