A lot has been changing, updating, getting fixed and here are our lovely golden updates!


-Added Server Rules and Information section on discord!
-Moved some channels around
-Fixed Dyno, enjoy the music
-Hard cleaned several channels to remove clutter.


A new update has been released recently, if you are late to the party here is a link! http://www.mocreatures.org/downloads
-Bug Fix, fish nets work now!

Offical Server

- The hat command is coming! Prepare to cover your domes!
- A new rank 'Tech Moderator" has been added, look at the staff learning stuff!
- Slight permission changes throughout the ranks.
- Updated Forums
- Updated Rules
- Progress is at about 75% for New Spawn.
- Hot right off the presses! A new player handbook is out! 3-11-18
- New post about what is new..oh look we done.