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The onther mods' spawn egg is disabled after installing Mod

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After installing the MOD, I found my server's 'ClearLag' suddenly cleared more than 20000 mobs, so I modified the configuration files to limit the number of mobs generation but I found no. And my other MODs spawnegg cannot use,the chicken don't place the egg, cow do not breed. I don't know how to handle this matter. I half a year ago on the GITHUB seen this exciting MOD source code, but now I send you the source code are deleted. If you can do I really need a copy of the source code.Or can you tell me how to handle this?Thank you!
Posted Jun 2, 18 · OP
japtic a
you posted on the server feedback which is wrong place to post.
They are not going to give you source code and Dr.Zhark himself doesnt come on this forum so better ask somewhere else (DM best)
I never seen this mod cause chick egg problem or cows not breeding, so i cannot comment on those.
for limiting mobs to gen, you can just use commands on the server which i dont remember what it was but there are 4 types? of different mobs. so you will have to reduce all of them.
Posted Jun 4, 18