Hey guys, i'm here to do one more event before my summer gets crazy! We're gonna try to do Capture the Flag again, with some improvements that we will mention later! But first, lets give a brief overview.

What is Capture the Flag (Minecraft style)?
Capture the Flag is held in the courtyard of a castle in /warp pvp. There are two teams, which each have a Flag (banner) they are guarding. The purpose of the game is to take the other team's flag and deliver it to the home base (indicated by a beacon) without dying. If you die while carrying the other team's flag, it goes back to that team's base and you have to go get it again. The number of players participating will determine how many people are on each team, whether or not you can join back in after you die each round, and how many rounds there will be.

What are the rules?
The full, detailed rules will be listed at the warp for the event to be read beforehand, but here's the basic idea.
- No pets allowed
- No buffs allowed (golden apples, potions, etc)
- Use only the items/weapons/gear/food/etc provided for you. You may not bring ANYTHING with you! Come with an empty inventory.
- No complaining about which team you are put on! I do it completely random
- No being a bad sport about losing, someone has to win and someone has to lose, don't go around trash talking everyone.
- Unfortunately, there is no easy and time-efficient way to make it so you can't shoot your own teammates. So, be cautious of this, and if we catch you trying to purposefully sabotage your team you will be removed from the event and won't be given a prize even if your team wins.
- Overall no complaining and just listen to instructions, and the event will go smoothly and everyone can have fun =)

Are there any changes from last time we did Capture the Flag?
Yes! I have asked for your feedback and you delivered, so here are some of the changes I have made from last time.
- No more spectral arrows (made it hard to tell who was and wasn't on your team), replaced with different tipped arrows
- All 4 sides of the courtyard will now be opened, to make sure one team doesn't have a base access advantage over the other
- We have streamlined the process of reloading arrows/food/etc between rounds. Now each player will be given a ticket, which they can use at the refill sign. The sign will take the ticket and give the player full refills of the event items
- NEW addition = we are giving each player a couple blocks in the glass color of their team to use as barriers! Place them to use as protection from enemy fire or to defend your flag. But remember, both teams can break both colors of blocks! Also, its glass, so once placed it cannot be picked back up. Use wisely! (Will be refilled every round)

When will the event be?
As usual, when I do events I will leave it up to you, the players, to help me decide when the event should be based on your availability. This Capture the Flag will be on Thursday, July 26th. The time will be either 2:00pm ET or 7:00pm ET. ET = Eastern Time, which is New York time. If you need to convert this time to your own timezone, you can Google it. Vote on which time works best for you! Voting will conclude on Sunday, and I will announce the time of the event.

What about prizes, and other information?
Prizes and other fun information about the event will be posted here as we get closer to event time, to keep up our excitement!

Again, make sure you tell everyone to vote on a time before Sunday! For those of you who do not have a forum account, voting is also happening on Discord (I will add up both votes on here and Discord, however please do NOT vote both places). Lets get hype!

EDIT: Voting is complete! The event will occur on Thursday, July 26th at 7pm ET. Updates will come out tomorrow concerning prizes and other updates to the event. See you all there!