We've had a lot of players log into Mo Creatures from all over the world! We are happy to see you all, and hope you enjoyed your play time with us. :)

Many players move on, leaving claims unattended for months and even over a year. We have a policy about leaving claims behind.
"Don't forget to log on at least once every 90 days to keep your claims current! After 90 days they are considered abandoned and will be packed up and unclaimed."

We used to have a code that auto-unclaimed after 90 days of no login, but since that left pets unprotected, we turned that off. That means old claims have piled up. I am currently going through the claimlist searching out the oldest claims, and I am packing up the pets and valuables and putting them into an admin storage area, like a library. When players return, they can ask for their pets back.

Sometimes players come back after many months and think someone has stolen their pets. That was me! :cool: I packed them into amulets and put them into storage.

When I delete old claims, I generally make the area LOOK abandoned so you can tell, like I take all the torches down, and leave all the doors and gates open. If I have left a build and it is unclaimed, you are welcome to claim it and move in. If you happen to find a stray pet on the place, please let me know so I can collect it. I doubt you will since I'm pretty thorough, but it's been known to happen.

Use a stick to right tap and make sure the /claiminfo says it's not owned. If a claim is still owned and is older than 90 days, please contact me on game or discord and I will put it on my project list. I won't immediately unclaim just so you can loot, because I respect the players (it's my style, not necessarily policy), but I absolutely will not unclaim as long as there are uncollected pets around.

Remember that picking other people's pets up in amulets and nets is instantly bannable. Please leave pets alone. If you find random wandering pets and worry about them, give me the coords and I will go pick them up. :)

And especially remember- log in at least once every 90 days to keep your claims current!