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Unchartable's Mini-moderation application

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General Application
Game Name: Unchartable

Age: 20

Position: Mini-mod

Availability: All days of week most hours if contacted on discord.

Time Zone: EST

Experience playing MC: I have been playing minecraft since before 1.6. I've been playing this particular Mo' creatures server since 2016 and was trial-mod before. I was removed from trial-mod due to inactivity due to IRL issues.

Why you think you can be a good asset for this position: I feel like I would be a good asset because I have years of experience with this server and the members around in. So far since i've started playing on this server about 2 weeks ago i've familiarized myself with everyone who i've never seen before.

What happens if anyone in a staff position is pestered to view an application in any way? I tried looking around in rules and etc for this but I couldn't find the full answer. From past knowledge i'd say that application would be denied and be told to wait the limit on submitting another application.

Are you comfortable talking to the staff team on Discord?: Yes
Posted Oct 29, 18 · OP
Forum Moderator
Official Server Admin
Please see an Admin in discord to set up your staff interview.
Posted Dec 18, 18