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Monkeycraize's Mini_Moderator Application

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Game Name: Monkeycrazie
Age: 17
Position: Mini Moderator
Availability: I am available during the weekdays from 2 pm to 10 pm and all day on the weekends.
Time Zone: EST
Experience playing MC: I got Minecraft when i was 15 years old and been playing since and i have been on many servers.
Why you think you can be a good asset for this position: I want to help players that are just starting out and ones that don't remember.
What happens if anyone in a staff position is pestered to view an application in any way? The application will be denied automatically.
Are you comfortable talking to the staff team on Discord?: Yes, i enjoy talking and getting to know every one.

What do you think being a moderator involves?: It will need a person willing to help others and no cost and answering question without being asked to.
Have you ever Moderated on a server before?: Yes, it was on a small server that had about 10 players on at a time.
What knowledge of plugins and mods do you have?: I do not have much but i am willing to learn.
What experience do you have using server commands?: A decent amount to get the job done.
What experience do you have using Mo'Creatures?: I have about a year of experience with the mod and i feel like i would be able to put it to good use.
Posted Dec 16, 18 · OP
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Official Server Admin
Please see an Admin in discord to set up your staff interview.
Posted Dec 18, 18