Before I make any requests, I would like to say that this mod is, by far, my favorite so far. Between the excellent models, fitting sounds, and ability to tame a large amount of the creatures added in-game, nothing that I've played can quite stand up to it. However, I've notice that the versions of the mod for all but the most recent releases of the game have not been updated for what feels like an eternity. While normally I would happily update to the next version of the game to enjoy the mod's latest features, several other high-quality mods (i.e. Witchery, Fossils and Archeology Revival, NEI, etc.) are exclusive to 1.7.10 or older. I am quite certain that I am not the only one 'trapped' in older versions of Minecraft by their favorite mods. As a simple consumer, I know that I am clueless to how difficult the development of such a game-changing mod must be, and understand that the first priority of the developers should be to update the mod to the latest version of the game and root out bugs. But, if any of the incredible individuals behind this creation have the spare time, I would love to see the older versions of the game brought up to date. If nothing else, it would be nice to hear from the developers that this mod is 'dead' for older versions of Minecraft.