Hello everyone, it's Silent again. Due to lack of players during the last event it was cancelled, and this is the second attempt at doing the winter horse race. Again, we will do the same type of voting system that we usually do, voting will occur both on this poll and on Discord. Voting will end on Wednesday, January 9th. The event will take place the weekend of the 12th and 13th. The times and days to vote on are Saturday Jan 12th at 2pm ET, Jan 12th at 7pm ET, and Sunday Jan 13th at 3pm ET. Please do not vote unless you actually plan on coming to the time you are voting for. If you haven't raced with us before, or need a refresher on the rules and basic concept, it is listed below. Prizes are the same as were listed for the original winter horse race, and are also listed below. Spread the word and get voting!

Horse racing:
A race course is set up for use with Vanilla horses, which are provided. Races are done in a tournament style, with 4 or 5 players going at a time, and the winners racing each other for final placements. Prize theme will be in a later post update.

1 ) Must use the horses provided, players are not allowed to use their own horses.
2 ) Unless lag is server-wide, races will not be redone due to player-side lag or other issues.
3 ) No harming of horses or other players, breaking this rule results in disqualification
4 ) No use of buffing materials (potions, golden apples, etc).
5 ) No whining about winning or losing, its an event made to be fun not to complain about
6 ) Every player chooses one of the available horses, no complaining about stats of chosen horse (they are all random).
7 ) No teleporting of players during the race or onto the race track.
8 ) Do not log out on a horse, as it logs the horse off with you and I can't put it away.

Its almost January, and winter is in full swing! Our prizes will be winter themed. The winner of each base tournament round will receive a shield decorated for the season, and the top three racers will get to pick between three special, icy gifts.