~Ban Appeal

In-game name: Amelia3352

Reason you were Banned: Attempting to bypass a temporary ban with an alt.

Date you were Banned: January 4th, 2018

People involved: Pengacorn13, Colby166, Trenzalore36

Why you believe you should be unbanned:

I have been a member of this server for several years and have spent hundreds of hours on the server, it means a lot to me and I have spent such a large chunk of my time on it, which is why I panicked when I found I had a temporary ban. I felt like I wouldn’t be able to to leave without resolving issues and talking with a couple people beforehand which is why I logged into my sister and friend’s accounts. I know what I did was wrong, but I really hope you’ll be able to accept my apology and lift my sister and friend’s bans if anything, as I used their accounts without their permission in a state of panic, and they had nothing to do with my decision to use alts. As for Trenzalore36, me and my friend were referring to her because she never went online and had the wyvern in her inventory, and since Pengacorn13’s wyverns were taken by Yablo, I meant that when Trenzalore36 logged on next she could give Pengacorn13 her own. Trenzalore36 was not an alt. As for me, I believe I still deserve punishment for the original temporary ban and would even accept additional time for my most recent mistake. Before recently, I have made little to no mistakes concerning this server and would be most gracious if my apology were to be accepted as this server and it’s community mean a lot to me. I want most desperately to return to the server and make up for my mistakes. If I had any idea of the consequences I would have received I would have never considered doing what I did, and for the last time I hope you accept my apology. I just want to return to the server, I don’t care if I’m put on probation or given a longer temporary ban, I just want to return and I want the accounts Pengacorn13 and Colby166 to be unbanned.

Edit: I've attached a screenshot of a moderator I believe to have influenced my ban. The screenshot displays this moderator spreading an untrue rumor about me and this moderator almost appears to be trying to ruin the relationship between me and the person the moderator was messaging. The moderator implies to my friend that I was going out of my way to get people banned and that the friend was just my next "toy." The moderator additionally gave me a chat warning for naming a cat "buttstreet." Anyway, I feel that if the moderator had a grudge or certain opinions concerning me, which they seem to have as displayed in the screenshot, that they might have influenced my ban. I feel that it is inappropriate for staff of the server to go around spreading rumors, and specifically imply that I was manipulating people, especially when the server claims to be "family friendly." If something isn't done I'll just assume that the server puts insignificant issues such as the names of pets before the behavior of their staff.