Server Rules
Here is a list of our server rules and bannable offences

1. No cursing, using foul or discriminating words in public chat. 
2. No discrimination. (Racism, sexism, homophobia, ECT)  
3. No griefing claimed land. 

4. No killing other players outside of the pvp arena. 

5. No scamming. 

6. No spamming. 
7. No exploiting glitches or bugs. 

8. No asking staff for items or ranks. 

9. No killing other players pets. (Even with the owners permission) 

10. No Harassment in public or private chats. 

11. No over use of capitals in public chat. (Limit 2 words per sentence) 

12. English only in public chat. 

13. Respect all staff and players. (That also means have manners and don't be rude) 
14. No cheating, x-ray, translucent texture packs, speed hacks etc (Bannable) 
15. No links without a staff members consent. 

We work on a three strike process, depending on the offence.
Strike 1: Kick (With warning), Strike 2: Mute (Reason), Strike 3: Ban(Reason)
>>You will be warned in public chat.<<

Respect all Staff: There has been occasions that players have disrespected staff due to what their rank says. Their rank is still staff, if they say something you should listen as they all are moderators in their own respects. Staff are there to help and watch over us, so disrespecting is not going to help anyone.

English Only in Public chat: We have had many players come to us saying its discrimination but no, it is not. The reason for this rule is because as none of our current staff can speak another language therefore it can not be moderated.

Harassment: If we receive screen shot's of you harassing a player, we do not tolerate Bullying it will be debt with according to seriousness by Ichyball or IrishRaven. (Provide Screenshots)

Asking Staff for Ranks: Doing this will have the total opposite affect of your question. We do not hand out ranks to every Tom, Dick and Harry who says they own five servers, have been Admin on seven etc.. Honestly we don't care, we choose staff we know can handle the duties asked responsibly.
When we want staff we will "advertise", until then.. do not bother.

Instant bannables

Rule 2, Grief 
This is an instant ban no matter how small, we do not tolerate it.
(We do talk to the build owner before banning, time also plays into this)
Rule 7, Exploiting
This is an instant ban, if you find a glitch or exploit you are to report it to a staff member asap and you are not to continue using it.

Rule 14, Cheating
Depending on the offence, this can be an instant ban. Under no circumstances are you to use an "Easy way (cheat)" unless it is actually game mechanics e.g. Enchants etc.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Our staff team will have no issues with you as a player if these rules are followed.
Have a lovely day

-Official Staff Team