Server news

New Economy and more

By japtic a - Posted Aug 13, 17

Some late server updates.

1. New economy was introduced to the server! please check out our shops

2. New Warps: Sell, Buy, Potion and Spawn

3. Warp new and all the warps for Haven has been removed.

4. Haven has been removed.

5. Our spawn has new shops and Zoo

6. GP's new town claims and UI's
    - hold goldenshovel and do /townclaims to make your town claims!
    - you get more town claims as you get more people in your town. to get more people you need more player's basic claims inside.

7. Not Requirement but for easy way to see your claims download liteloader
and this mod

this will help you see your claims' boarders.  This is very useful tool.

simply drop the mods in the mods folder.