Server news


By Beffles2 a - Posted Feb 17, 18

Moc 12.0.4 has been updated today. 

You will need to download the new 12.0.4 and CMS to join the server. 

What's New:

MoCreatures 12.0.4:

  • Fixed inability to open chested pets with mounts.
  • Fixed fishnets not working for some aquatics.
  • Fixed rendering on client when an entity rides a player.
  • Added missing AT for biomeName and underlyingIntegerMap.
  • Temporarily disabled jellyfish glowing effect until player transparency is resolved.

CustomMobSpawner 3.11.4:

  • Removed slab/stairs block check during spawning.
  • Added support for mods that include modid in entity name.

Please visit to download the latest versions required to join the server!