Server news

New World!

japtic a posted Jun 23, 17

Haven is being removed. Players have few weeks to find new spot at /warp new to find new home and ask admins to move their homes in Haven to Valhalla. Find new spot first before contacting staff

Server Down

japtic a posted Jun 19, 17

We have whitelisted the server due to lag caused by server generating the worlds.

Both Resource and Valhalla world is being pre-generated right now and this may take few days.

To let players play with lag free on the server, please be patient and wait for the server to finish the generating.

Thanks for your patient.

-MoC Staff Team-

YabloVH @ MoCreature's Official
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Server update 2017.Jun.10

japtic a posted Jun 11, 17
We have made a pvp world! If you would like to contribute to this world by making a building (for example a lighthouse or a dock or an abandoned house ect) please let us know! We will provide all of the materials you need.
Random Teleportation has been added to Resource world! Now you do not have to walk 1k to find resources. Commands are /rtp with cool down of 2 min. Enjoy!
PS. For Carrotshop you cannot set less than 1 coin for sell/buy. 0.01 will still recognize as 1.00

Server update 2017.Jun.8

japtic a posted Jun 8, 17

-Resource World has been reset

-New player/server shop plugin has been added (still needs testing)

-Wyvern Lair has been reset.

Mo'Creatures 1.10.2 Server

japtic a posted May 16, 17


Mo'Creatures V10.0.6

CustomMobSpawner 3.10.1

You will need forge to run the mods
See how to install forge guide on our forum.

Mini-Map is allowed (strongly recommanded)

Some list of commands that you can use on the server.

Our Server is Sponge Powered and using Grief Prevention as claiming system to protect your land.

This is family friendly server.